What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

When it comes to repairing your vehicle you may have heard the terms OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. These parts are made to original specifications to ensure the best possible fit on your car. Aftermarket parts on the other hand are not made by the manufacturer but are designed for your specific vehicle. Check with your representative on the options for your car. 

What if the insurance will not cover OEM parts?

Not all insurance companies approve the use of OEM parts for every repair. The good news is if you want OEM parts but the insurance will not cover them you are able to pay the difference yourself. If you are picking out an insurance policy you can also ask for an OEM parts endorsement to make sure any future repairs will have OEM parts

Our team at Pan American Collision can help guide you through the repair process and make sure you get the best possible repair regardless of what parts are used. Call our auto body repair shop today at 408-289-8745 and set an appointment for a free repair consultation. 

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