Big Investment

Repairing a damaged vehicle is more than just banging out dents and painting the panel. Modern day vehicles have become more complex than ever with advanced technology, vehicle construction and advanced part composition materials making the repair process more difficult. Customers demand more features while maintaining optimal efficiency and still preserving safety of the occupants inside the vehicle. Vehicle manufactures invest billions of dollars in research and development to provide you, the customer, with a cool car with tons of features.

The car you are driving today more than likely represents the second largest purchase you’ve ever made. You may have even scoured all dealers in the area for that special feature or that unique color. Therefore, even cosmetic repairs require the same level of attention to detail, as if a vehicle was involved in a heavy collision.

You never want to find out the hard way that a repair facility is performing incomplete repairs to your car. Sure, the paint may be shiny, and the car might look clean, but let’s dive into what a proper repairer means, to ensure not only a good-looking repair, but also performing it following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) repair procedures. 

Getting Back to Pre-Accident Condition

Pan American Team Members have a broad range of skill sets to ensure all the OEM requirements are met. We have specialists dedicated to customer service as well as specialists to repair that vehicle. The commonly utilizes the term “estimator”, referring to the person who will “guestimate” the cost of repairs; but how do you know they are factoring in all the proper costs involved? In addition to our “estimators” Pan American Collision Center has a dedicated TECHNICAL RESEARCH team to ensure repairs done correctly by our expert technicians by having all the proper manufacturer repair procedures. Following these repair procedures may require the use of special tools and equipment or even following a certain sequence of removing a part to prevent further damage to your car. Some parts on your vehicle may be “one time use”, meaning, they required to be replaced after being removed, even though the part may not appear to be damaged. This information is only found in the OEM repair procedures.

Part of being a manufacturer certified repair facility is the ability to locate and understand the requirements by the OEM to perform a safe and proper repair. After all, the expert engineers who designed your vehicle know your vehicle best and know what it takes to repair it to their original specification. If your shop is not following OEM repair procedures, consider your vehicle “RE-ENGINEERED”, making you clueless as to how your vehicle will hold up in the event of another accident. Next time you need repairs done, don’t always look for the lowest cost involved, since an uneducated repairer may be leaving critical labor operations or critical parts off your repair plan. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about why something is or is not being performed. Our Team at Pan American Collision Center are your trusted experts in repairing your vehicle back to OEM Specifications. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the details of performing a safe and proper repair.

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